A downloadable game for Windows

TOJam 2016 Submission (Oculus VR experience) - Avoid the zombies and seek the goat!

Install instructions

1) Download zip file
2) Unzip the file to a location of your choice
3) Keep the folder and exe file together
4) Turn on Oculus Home and your Oculus Rift Headset
5) Double click and run the StickZombie_release.exe file
6) Enjoy!


Stick Zombie zip file (unzip before playing) 113 MB
Controls.txt 476 bytes


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Deleted post

Hi, thanks for trying out the game. Yea, the controls are designed for VR. So the Pitch and Yaw are set up to work with the headset. Didn't get to integrate proper non-VR controls in the time frame. There is a text file that has a complete listing of controls for both KB+mouse and Xbox controller.